I'm just a guy who get's excited about uncovering people's true potential.

I started hmpsn., because I want to use the skills I've picked up to help other businesses thrive. Most organizations have great ideas, they just need a little assistance packaging and presenting them. The idea of hmpsn. is to take those business seeds and grow them into something amazing, whether it's creating a memorable web experience for customers, honing in on an airtight business strategy, or boosting brand awareness and rapport with consumers to maximize a company's profits.

Clients have described me as "very enthusiastic," "attentive to detail," "great to work with," and "helpful, prompt, and professional." I've been told my clear communication style enhances my clients’ experience. I pride myself on being candid and thrive in collaborative environments. I also understand that time is of the essence, and while I won't rush through a project just to speed up the turnaround, I make an effort to be efficient with every task I handle. I'm passionate about the work I do and it's my hope that every hmpsn. client sees that at each step of our partnership.

How did I get here?

I grew up in the city of Lufkin in Deep East Texas, where I started my entrepreneurial journey as a DJ choosing the soundtracks for special events. My DJ business lasted through high school and college.

After wrapping up my business management degree at Stephen F. Austin State University in 2013, I trekked out to the state capital to settle down and launch my career. Years later, I'm still Keeping Things Weird in Austin with my partner, Lance, and my two pugs, Tucker and Frank.

Prior to launching hmpsn., I spent 6 years at the boutique photo booth agency, MYEVENTISTHEBOMB, working in a variety of roles related to events, sales, and project management. My list of clients there included Adidas, Tito's Vodka, and The New York Stock Exchange. During that time, I discovered my passion for working with big brands.

A little more about me.

  • I'm president of NACE Austin, a membership association for event and catering professionals.
  • I'm an aspiring fitness fanatic and runner. I've completed over 300 Solidcore classes, and my favorite run was the Joshua Tree Half Marathon in 2017.
  • I'm an avid festival go-er. Want a great story? Just ask me about my favorite festival, Envision!

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